Terry Gunn

I'm a full time fishing guide and have been since 1983. My wife Wendy and I have traveled the world fly fishing and taking photos. My photos have appeared in most all the fishing publications as well as many magazines and books outside the fishing world. All the images on this web site are for sale and available in digital "raw-nef" format, and/or slides, and on disc..JPEG or TIFF. Images can also be downloaded directly off this web page with prior arrangement. Please contact me for "one time" rate fees for your project. Email Me Phone: 928-355-2220 Please note that this site is under construction and will continue to grow as I find time to review and scan 20 years worth of accumulated slides. If you do not see the image you need please contact me to see if I have it, if not I might know where you can find it. All images/photographs appearing on this web site are the sole property of Terry Gunn. These images/photographs are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of Terry Gunn. YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE PRINTS OF EACH PHOTO ON THIS SITE BY CLICKING ON "BUY" THIS PHOTO AT THE TOP OF THE PHOTO